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Welcome to Calavera!!!

My Favorite things about Angelfire.

The band from Floresville Texas. Starting in 2006 as a thing to do, in 2007 the band started to get serious. "The band just kinda came together", says Vocalist Justin Hernandez. "Omar(drummer) came outta left field. He is somewhat of a 17 year old prodigy. Then my bro (brandon-guitar) started to get better and better with each waking moment. Then Ralph... Well, he was always good..." Florssville is somewhat of a small town with a population of no more than 1,500 and a taste for Country and Tejano music. " Yeah, it was kinda demoralizing, i mean everyone who heard was like 'You call tha music?' and you cant really respond to that... ya know?" agrees the band. "Most bands that are around nowadays are from small towns like this, and that was the drive for us and Calavera." The name Calavera means "Skull" and was actually inspired by a lake just outside of floresville named Lake Calavera. " Our very first name was Juggernaut, but that was taken... then Kill Thing, but it got old fast... and our previous name was Mar De Los Muertos meaning Sea of the Dead... and BOOM! we are at Callavera. Since we liked Kill Thing a lot, that is actually the name of our mascot so to speak." explains Omar Guzman. The band has started on working on their first cd and is planning to record their first cd around November.

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